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UK Soccer & Coaching Experience

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UK Soccer Coaching Tour Experience

PE5 Sports Tours specialise in offering action-packed, fully inclusive soccer tours and experiences for teams and squads from all across the world. Let us take care of the hard work for you so that you can relax and enjoy everything that we have on offer, and concentrate on mentoring and nurturing your team through a life-changing experience that can really up their game!

We’d like to take this opportunity to give you a full run-down of what we offer as part of our soccer tours, and let you know what you can expect when you sign up with PE5 Soccer Tours.

PE5 Soccer Tours arrange fully inclusive tours of either seven or fourteen days for soccer teams, clubs and quads from all over the world, and of all ages and performance levels. Our tours are fully inclusive of accommodation, travel and your full schedule, so that you can concentrate on supporting your players without getting bogged down in the red tape!

As part of our service, you will receive a pre-tour visit from your own dedicated PE5 Soccer Tours rep, in order to go through the fine detail of how your tour will proceed, and answer any questions that you or your players may have before departure.

Your PE5 Rep can also help you to develop individual performance plans for each of your players before your tour if you wish, in order to give them a goal and a target to aim for. Your rep will remain beside you throughout your tour to offer support, guidance and mentorship, getting to know each of your players individually as well.

Whether you join us for a seven or fourteen day tour with your soccer squad, PE5 Sports Tours will take care of everything for you,

arranging an action-packed schedule of work and play to allow yourself and your squad to get the most out of their visit.

Your team can take part in high-quality performance coaching at the world famous Glasgow Rangers soccer training complex in Glasgow,

along with a performance analysis session to provide individual insights to each of your players that can really make a difference to their ultimate game.

Nurture your players and inspire them to look to the future with our “day in the life” of a Rangers’ Academy player experience, to give your players an idea of what to expect at the beginning of their professional soccer career. Our tours also include a range of visits to other high-profile Scottish performance centres, in order to broaden your players’ horizons and give them a fully immersive experience.

PE5 Sports Tours will also arrange for your squad to play a range of matches against some of our local opposition teams of the appropriate level, allowing your players to improve their skills and step outside of their comfort zones! We can also arrange for your team to partake in a specially arranged tournament too, with prior arrangement.

In order to allow your squad to get the very best out of their tour and experience as much as possible, we also provide opportunities to visit a range of English Premier League stadiums for tours and match days, and we can also arrange for your players to meet some of the UK’s finest professional soccer players face to face too!

As part of our full-service provision, we also provide sports science and nutrition seminars and learning opportunities as part of your tour as well, in order to help your players to learn about making the right choices when it comes to the optimum diet and exercise to support their game.

Finally, we don’t abandon you when the sun goes down either-your PE5 Soccer Tour includes a full schedule of evening entertainment bespoke tailored to match the needs of your squad as well!

To find out more about our specialist soccer tours for clubs and squads, get in touch now without obligation-and if you are interested in forming a long-term relationship with PE5, please ask about our Partnership Club Status programme for selected squads as well!

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